A reliable and trusted one-stop solution for all your metal requirements.

Quality Materials

We strive to build quality and durable products for our consumers. This value has enabled us to add immense efforts to our manufacturing processes & management.

Great Support

We consider our consumers as our partners and ensure long-term B2C relations. Their empowerment and growth are important to us as our own.

Advanced Technologies

We are always open for innovation in technology, processes, management and new products. Technological upgradation has always been an integral part of our company.

Working towards a better & advanced future.

The metal industry is surrounded by comprehensive engineering solutions and process expertise that focuses on manufacturing goals and objectives to ensure complete satisfaction of the clientele.  Our industrial approach focuses on metal manufacturing and production processes as key factors that define our unfocused approach towards our consumer’s needs and demands.

Friendly & Safe Atmosphere

At Metco, a good atmosphere and optimal business achievements go hand in hand. Our aim is for employees & employers to learn well, develop optimally and are encouraged to work purposefully and cooperate with each other.

Comfortable Workspace

We strive to make our workplace more cozy & comfortable inside out to keep up with our employees' devotion towards work more uplifted and more friendly, rather informally. Great working space ensure great working team.

Valued Ethics

We believe in working and management through some formal & informal ethics that aim of determining what actions are best to do or what way is best to work closely with other employees and the team.

World's Leading
Metal Industry

Providing quality metals at affordable prices.

highly specialized engineers

the head of the factory

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