These lead metal sheets are flexible and so can easily be converted into the desired shape making them suitable for various purposes. It can be easily shaped, bent and formed for use in manufacturing many products.

Lead metal sheets are commonly used medical radiation construction projects, doors, walls, and frames to protect medical personnel from gamma rays.

Applications of Lead Sheet


Sound Proofing

Radiation Shielding

Water Proofing

X- Ray Machine



Lead sheet is formed by passing a slab of refined lead back and forth on a rolling mill between closing rollers, to a predetermined thickness. The sheet is then slit to width and cut to length for final packing and distribution. Such is the consistency of the process that lead sheet will not vary in thickness by more than +/-5% at any given point.


Material Inspection





Each roll of Lead Sheet is wrapped with HDPE Plastic sheet to avoid any kind of transit damages. Further our Product Colour Code labeling and marking helps your warehouse keeper/production floor people easily label out the required size. 1Our export worthy packing makes sure that our product reaches you safely and without any damages in transit.


Lead is one of the heaviest metals in use in the modern world. Care must be taken to ensure that if lead sheet is stored above ground level, the means of storage is strong enough to accept the weight of the product. Irrespective of the method of storage, lead sheet must be kept in a dry environment until the application phase to ensure that no unsightly staining can occur if the storage area is damp. Surface of Lead Sheet can be scored or damaged if it comes into contact with rough surfaces or sharp objects.


Lead is a soft heavy metal this brings advantages during application but caution must be exercised in handling. Lift with Proper lifting equipment - seek assistance where necessary. Always ensure the safety of operatives lifting and moving Lead sheet. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be used while handling lead. Eye/Face Protection: Wear safety goggles. Skin Protection: Wear protective clothing e.g. gloves, aprons, boots. General Hygiene Considerations while handling Lead: It is good practice to avoid breathing product; avoid skin and eye contact and wash hands after handling.


Wear the appropriate protective clothing & gloves when handling Lead. Wash your hands and forearms as soon as you finish and before you eat or drink. For health and safety reasons it is recommend there be no exposed lead after your installation is completed. Disposal of all scrap lead must be handled in a proper environmentally & responsible manner. Check with your local by-laws for the proper way of disposing of the remaining scrap lead material. Installation should comply with requirements of local regulatory agencies and standards specified.

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