What Are Bushes?

This is a bearing material in which aluminum alloy and copper alloy comprise a two- or three-layer structure with a steel backing. This structure, whose mechanical strength is high, can be used under lubricated conditions and high-speed/high-load operation. It can be made from a variety of different materials, depending on the application, use conditions and lubrication.

What are Bushes Used For?

Bushings are compact and lightweight, and they possess high load-bearing capacities. They also are the least expensive type of bearing. Depending on the application, some bushings are available with supplemental lubrication or designed to run dry, with no additional lubrication.

Materials for Bushes



Phosphor Bronze

Common Types Of Bushes include

Rubber Bushings

Softer than polyurethane, allowing it to dampen more vibrations. However, it can wear out when exposed continuously to stretching, heat, oil or chemicals.

Polyurethane Bushings

Firmer than rubber and handle more abrasion, but also require more frequent lubrication. This type of material may be moulded.

Babbit Bushings

A lower-cost material than bronze, offering excellent fatigue resistance and load-carrying capacity.

Bronze Bushings

Harder and less likely to break or deform than rubber or plastic. About 17 types of bronze are used in making bushings. Two of the most common are oilite, a self-lubricating material, and copper, which is bronze combined with tin, aluminium, or silicone.

Cast-Iron Bushings

Used to support hardened steel shafts.

Neoprene Bushings

Looks and feels like rubber, but can withstand heat better and does not quickly deteriorate when exposed to oil or heat.


Inhibits friction and requires no lubrication. It may also be moulded, cast or machined easily.

Delrin or Acetal

Useful in wet environments for their stability and resistance to wet abrasion.

Ultrahigh-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

Has a low friction surface and is used as an alternative to bushings made from acetal or nylon.


Self-lubricating and resistant to chemicals and solvents. Also suitable for exposure to low-viscosity or corrosive liquids.

Polyimide,Polysulfone,Polyphenylene Sulfide

Devices are equipped with an integral switch. Toggling the switch to the "off" position stops the electrical power transfer through the connector.

Common features of bushings include


Some bushings use thermal spraying to provide an internal coating. This treatment reduces friction between the bushing's inner surface and the shaft that it supports. Common types of coating used include dry film lubricant, Teflon, or graphite.


Grooves on bushings act as oil channels, allow lubricants to flow more easily across the bushing.


These are small pockets on the bushing surface that retain oil or other lubricants, reducing maintenance requirements.

Related Questions

Since bushings are used in machinery with a rotating or sliding shaft component, they can be found in almost every industrial application. Thanks to their excellent anti-friction and load-carrying capacities, bushings are vital in construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, transportation, hydropower generation, food processing, material handling and many more industry sectors.

The modern-day bushing was introduced in the 1930s by Frederick Zeder, the chief of engineering at Chrysler. Zeder came up with a new Plymouth model equipped with rubber mounts that allowed the engine to be isolated from the frame. Ultimately, this invention effectively cut down the vehicle’s noise and vibration while being driven. This innovative feature became a game-changer in the automotive industry and led to increased car sales for Plymouth. 

Because of their many uses, bushings are available for purchase through many online suppliers in addition to hardware stores and automotive stores. Many companies that supply equipment for specific industries – such as construction, plumbing, automotive, and agriculture – also have compatible bushings in their product catalogue. At Armstrong Energy, we supply a large range of standard bushes and can machine fully-customised bushes.

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