Stainless Steel 347/347H Fasteners

Metco Overseas manufactures and supplies SS 347/347H fasteners in Mumbai, India. with high-quality standards and custom size specifications to meet industrial requirements. In accordance with national and international quality requirements, we manufacture dimensionally exact fasteners. The stainless steel grade SS 347/347H is a columbium-stabilized austenitic stainless steel with outstanding corrosion resistance. At high temperatures, this grade possesses exceptional resistance to intergranular corrosion in carbide precipitation. We manufacture SS 347/347H fasteners that are developed and built using a high-quality alloy in order to ensure greater durability and ductility.

The fasteners’ extraordinary sturdiness is due to the higher carbon concentration in 347H. The fasteners we offer have remarkable strength and performance, even in critical applications. Furthermore, SS 347/347H fasteners offer higher stress rupture and creep rupture strength up to 1500 degrees F. These can only be hardened using the cold working procedure. These fasteners are easy to make and weld. We offer stainless steel fasteners of the highest quality that can handle higher pressures and temperatures.

Metco Overseas. offers a variety of stainless steel grade 347/347H fasteners with a number of advantages, including high tensile strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, sturdiness, improved surface quality, and extended service life. Our engineers are constantly upgrading the methodology and machinery they use to develop fasteners in order to increase their quality and performance. Our manufacturing team uses high-quality raw materials that have been thoroughly examined before being used to make SS 347/347H Fasteners. Our professionals oversee all production processes and guide our personnel to ensure that the highest quality items are produced.


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We keep a ready supply of fasteners on hand to ensure prompt delivery in the event of an emergency. Our primary goal is to meet all of our clients’ needs, so we take the time to fully comprehend the specifications before fabricating the fasteners.

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