SS 310/310S/310H Pipes and Tubes

Metco Overseas is the leading manufacturer and supplier of SS 310/310S/310H Pipes and Tubes in Mumbai, India. With appropriate sizes and specifications, our company has acquired market recognition. We are here to produce high-quality items of national and international standards in accordance with our client’s specifications. We produce Stainless Steel SS 310, Stainless Steel SS 310S, and Stainless Steel SS 310H pipes of the highest quality. We follow our expert’s directions in the manufacturing of these unique tube variations. Furthermore, our specialist assists us in overcoming a variety of obstacles. We buy high-quality raw materials from a reputable vendor in the market.

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The high-quality Stainless Steel SS 310 raw material, which is an alloy of carbon, nickel, chromium, silicon, and iron, is recommended by our expert. All of these ingredients give our tubes remarkable characteristics. These components, in particular, make our SS tubes resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Apart from that, we employ SS 310 H stainless steel as a raw material, which has a reduced carbon content. The raw material is less likely to become embrittled. The presence of chromium in SS 310 makes our tubes ideal for a variety of gases found in the atmosphere. SS tubes are also strong, permeable, and efficient at working at greater temperatures and pressures due to the basic material. We use a variety of processes to make Stainless Steel SS 310 Tubes, including heat treatment.

Metco Overseas manufactures and stores tubes in a variety of diameters, grades, and requirements in order to satisfy customers. Our skilled technicians create SS tubes after a thorough examination of the raw materials and finished goods. They examine product hardness, quenching behavior, and annealing capacity in greater detail. Metco Overseas creates a long-lasting product that lowers maintenance costs and keeps the business running smoothly. SS 310 tubes also have good tempering properties, mild yielding, and tensile strength. Our specialist also double-checks international and national product standards and regulations. They keep track of all test documents and can share them if the client requests them. We believe in delivering products in a secure, safe, and damage-free manner within a set time frame.


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To meet all of our valued clients’ needs, we manufacture Hastelloy C276 Flanges in standard and custom-made specifications. Our quality experts perform numerous quality checks to ensure that flanges maintain their quality and performance.  These tests include a variety of destructive and non-destructive inspections in which our experts assess various flange characteristics. Before delivering a flange to a customer, we believe the most important step is to test it. For the packaging process, only defect-free and dimensionally accurate Hastelloy C276 Flanges are dispatched. We use adequate packaging material to protect these flanges from damage during delivery. We guarantee that flanges will be delivered on time to our customers’ specified locations around the world.

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