We ensure superior quality and smooth textured sheets that can be easily welded, has an exquisite finish and is super low maintenance.
Also known as stock bars, these round bars come in different dimensions and are designed with a circular base that are intensively used for heavy-duty work and in applications that require shafts or rods.
Designed with a round & cylindrical shape, these ferrous, metal and alloy crafted rods are very strong and are used to strengthen the concrete and masonry structures.
Placed in tubes and pipes, Flanges are a type of fitting tool that is used to join, connect or repair equipment like valves, pumps or pipes. They usually reduce external strain on the equipment to ensure smooth flow of the fluids.
Pipes are large diameter tubes that are used to transport or distribute water or any fluid from one place to another. They come in various sizes & dimensions, commonly made with cast iron, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), copper, steel or aluminium.
Pipe fittings are small, circular shaped tools that are used to connect the end points of each pipe in order to keep it in-line. The pipe fitting dimensions usually depend on the pipe being used.
Fasteners are elements like bolts, nuts, screws, nails etc, that are usually used to hold or connect two strong and unthreaded components together. These fasteners play a very vital role in structuring heavy machinery in every industry.
Bushes are lightweight and compact elements with high mechanical strength that offer excellent load carrying capacity and are used to support hardened shafts.
Washers are thin, disk shaped plates with a hole, typically in the middle that is normally used to relieve friction, prevent leakage and loosening, or distribute load of a threaded fastener, such as a screw or nut.
Plugs or power plugs are electrical sockets that help in monitoring energy consumption and are used in almost every household, factory, and industry.
We provide a comprehensive range of machining and subassembly capabilities that convert forged shapes into application-ready components.
We provide smooth castings of all metals including bronze, phosphor bronze, aluminium bronze, gunmetal,etc that can be delivered easily into any mold, shape or size.
Used especially for shielding applications, lead glass protects the operator against harmful X-rays and gamma rays.
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