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5 Reasons to use Metal Washers

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In this article we will have a close look on 5 reasons to use Metal Washers.

Metal washers are thin disk-shaped plates with a hole in the centre that distribute the load of a screw, nut, or other threaded fastener. In industrial applications, they can be made for a range of uses and product requirements. While the basic functionality and construction of most of these components stay the same regardless of intended usage, some changes do make particular washers better for specific purposes.

5 Reasons to use Metal Washers:
  • Load Distribution:

When a fastener is driven in or linked to a material, the basic function of all washers is to distribute the load. Surfaces are stressed by fasteners without washers, resulting in cracks, imprints, and other abnormalities. Metal washers safeguard against such damage by equally dispersing the load and reducing the tension on the fastener. Except for soft materials like wood, stress alleviation is not required for all materials.

  • Using as a spacer:

Metal washers are also commonly used as spacers for fasteners that are longer than the depth of the hole they are being driven into. When certain fasteners are used, a gap is created between the fastener’s head and the material’s surface. If a four-inch bolt is linked to three-inch-deep material, there will be a one-inch gap, making the connection insecure. The one inch empty space is filled by inserting metal washers between the surface and the head of the bolt before it is attached, as shown below.

  • Sealing:

Sealing washers are a form of washer with a coating of substance, such as neoprene, glued to the metal. The metal washer’s strength and the material’s sealing capability combine to create a tight seal that prevents leaks and drips. Though sealing washers are tough and durable, they are also soft and smooth to protect the sealed surface. Sealing washers are an excellent choice for securing bolt joints.

Because overtightening might create leaks, the securing of sealing metal washers must be done with care and precision. The washer must not be convex or concave when it is put against the surface. The sealing material’s bonding generates a corrosion-resistant surface that cushions the bolt head while also sealing the connection. Sealing washers are also used to decrease vibrations in addition to sealing leaks.

  • Vibration absorption:

Vibration-absorbing washers are available in a variety of styles. They are usually not formed of metal and are known as vibration damping or vibration isolation washers. They are made of a softer substance such as plastic, rubber, or urethane instead. Softer materials, such as these, absorb vibrations better than harder materials, such as metal. If a threaded fastener is used to connect two things and one of them vibrates violently, vibration dampening washers can protect the other object from being damaged.

  • Liquid Protection:

Other washers are designed to keep water and liquids out. They’re commonly used to establish a waterproof seal in water pipes and connectors. Liquid-sealing washers, like vibration damping washers, are made of a soft substance that may press entirely against the object’s surface.

Metal washers have a plethora of applications, with speciality washers being produced for unique and odd applications. Metal washers are used to evenly disperse the load of a fastener such as a screw, bolt, nut, or another type of securely fitting connecting fastener.

Washers make it simpler to loosen or remove a nut from a bolt and reinstall it. There are many different types of washers available, both for residential usage and for industrial use.

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