Aluminum is a soft metal because its crystalline structure is FCC or face-centered cubic. Due to the metal having an FCC structure, it is very ductile and can be formed into various shapes. Aluminum is a soft metal because its crystalline structure is FCC or face-centered cubic. Due to the metal having an FCC structure, it is very ductile and can be formed into various shapes.

In an alloyed form, tempering the metal yields better mechanical properties. Like other components that may be produced with the guidance of specifications, aluminum alloys may also follow the ASTM specifications to produce standardized fittings. Specifications like the Astm B241/ B361 Grade 6061, 6082, 6063 Elbows outline the tempers, test methods as well as forming operations that may be suited to make these fittings. This is because Aluminum 6061/ 6082/ 1050 Pipe End Caps, Reducer, Weld Fittings, unlike other alloys are non-pyrophoric, which means they do not get ignited easily. This is a property that is sought after by many industries that carry toxic waste, or flammable end products like fuel or gases. Apart from its durability, low density, and non-pyrophoric nature, the Aluminum 90 Degree And 45 Degree Elbow is an ideal material in industries that have highly corrosive environments.

Standard specification of Aluminium Pipe Fittings


ASTM B361/ ASTM B241

Aluminium Pipe Fittings Sizes

½" to 120" NB
ASTM B361 Aluminum Seamless Fittings : ½” to 24”,
6061 Aluminum Welded Fittings: ½” to 120”
Aluminum Alloy 5083 Two Joint / Two Halve Fittings 6” to 48”

Manufacturing Dimensions of Aluminium Pipe Fittings

BS1560, ASME B16.28, ANSI/ASME B16.9, BS4504, BS4504, BS10, MSS-SP-43, MSS-SP-75

6061 Aluminum Fittings manufacturing types

Seamless / Welded / Fabricated

Aluminum Alloy 5083 Fittings Wall thickness

ASTM B361 6061-T6 SCH40, SCH120, XS, SCH30, XXS, STD, SCH100, SCH60, SCH80, SCH20, SCH10, SCH160, SCH140

Bending Radius of 6061 Aluminum Pipe Bends

3D, 2D, 8D, R=1D, 6D, 10D, 5D

Manufacturing Technics of 6082 Aluminium Fittings

ASTM B361 6061-T6 Seamless Aluminum Buttweld Fittings
6061 Aluminum Forged Fittings (Socket weld & Threaded)
Aluminum Alloy 5083 Push, Press, Cast Fittings
5083 Aluminium Hot forming or Extrusion Fittings
Din 3.1255 Cold formed Fittings

5083 Aluminium Weld Fittings Surface Treatment

Sand Rolling, Sand blasting

Applicable Standards for Din 3.1255 Butt weld pipe fittings

ASME B 16.9 for large Bore Aluminium fittings
ASME B 16.11 for small Bore UNS A96061-T6 forged fittings (socket welded)
ASME B 16.25 for Aluminium 6063 T6 butt weld ends
ASME B 16.28 for small radius UNS A96061-T651 elbow
MSS SP-95 for ASTM B361 Aluminum Swage(d) Nipples and Bull Plugs

Manufacturer of different types of Aluminium Pipe Fittings

Concentric Reducer, Reducing Tee, Elbow, Long Radius Elbow, Equal Tee, Cross, Tee, Reducer, Piggable Bends, Pipe End Caps, Eccentric Reducer, Short Radius Elbow, Long Radius Bends, Bend

ASTM B361 Aluminum Fittings DIN Standards

6061 Aluminum Elbow (DIN 2605)
Aluminum Alloy 5083 Reducer (DIN 2616)
6082 Aluminium Tee Fittings (DIN 2615)
Aluminum Pipe Cap (sim. to DIN 2617/28011)
5083 Aluminium Collar / Stub End Fittings (sim. to DIN 2642)
Din 3.1255 Saddles (DIN 2618)

Ask from your ASTM B361 Aluminium Pipe Fittings manufacturers

EN 10204/3.1B
ASTM B361 Aluminum Raw Materials Certificate
6061 Aluminum Fittings 100% Radiography Test Report
Aluminum Alloy 5083 Fittings Third Party Inspection Report and others as required

Equivalent of Aluminium Fittings







Aluminium Pipe Fittings Chemical Composition












Aluminium Alloy

0.40 - 0.80

0.70 max

0.15 - 0.40

0.25 max

0.15 max

0.8 - 1.2

0.15 max

0.04 - 0.35


0.15 max

Mechanical Properties of ASTM B361 Aluminum 6061 Fittings


Melting Point

Tensile Strength

Yield Strength


2.70 g/cm3

582 °C

Ksi – 45, MPa – 310

Ksi – 21, MPa – 145

25 %

Applications of Aluminium Pipe Fittings

Household Plumbing



Store Fixtures

Lighting Grids

Safety Barriers


Other Pipe-fitted Structures

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