Aluminium 5052 Pipe Fittings.

Aluminium 5052 Pipe Fittings. Manufacturer in Mumbai | Metco Overseas

Metco Overseas is one of India’s leading suppliers of Aluminium 5052 Pipe Fittings. Alloy 5052 is a heat-resistant element with good finishing properties. Alloy 5051 has a higher corrosion resistance, particularly in saltwater and cold environments.

Hard wearing, non-slip, low maintenance, and light-weight are some of the properties of aluminum alloy 5052 pipe. The melting point, low density, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, modulus of elasticity, and electrical resistivity are all physical properties of alloy. There are some mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, proof stress, and hardness, in addition to physical properties.

There’s also aluminium alloy 5052 pipe, which is used in the following industries: Containers, nameplates, road signs, architectural paneling, Round tubes, chemical industry, irrigation, and pressure vessels are all examples of where it is used. Food processing equipment, storage tanks, truck components, electronic chassis, boating, ladders, fencing, and sheet metal parts are all examples of commercial and industrial applications for Aluminium 5052 Pipe Fittings.

Sheets, plates, extrusions, and patterned sheets are some of the aluminium 5052 pipe types available. The workability of alloy 5052 is good at low temperatures, and it is also machine-acceptable. Some elements are also incorporated in alloy 5052 aluminium, magnesium, chromium, silicon, and iron throughout its chemical composition.

Machinability, welding, and heat treatment are all advantages of the aluminium alloy 5052 pipe. The alloy can be machinable using the traditional method; it is lubricated at high temperatures to avoid thermal distortion. It is weldable by standard techniques. It is rounded using two methods, the first of which is GTAW, and the second of which is GMAW. 

Packaging is very important for aluminium alloy 5052; there are several different types of packaging available for this alloy, including wooden boxes, wooden creates, shrink-wrapped, and cartoon boxes.


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